Panel Beam Saw.

BestIn panel beam saws are designed to meet the needs of small, medium, and large industries. It can offer high-precision cutting in shorter times with automated capabilities. And it is built to last, making them an excellent choice for any industry that values efficiency and quality.

Panel Beam Saw

Automatic Panel Beam Saw

BestIn panel beam saws use a high-precision cutting technique that allows for incredibly accurate cuts, even on large and heavy materials.

The CNC system is equipped with panel beam saws. It allows for high automation capabilities and makes the cutting process faster, more efficient, and less labor-intensive. With the use of specialized software, users can program the saw to make various cuts, including straight cuts, angles, and slopes, without the need for manual adjustment.

Total Power



Working Air Pressure


Mini Size of Wook Piece (L*W)


Max Size Of Wook Piece (L*W)


Main Saw Power


Scoring Saw Power


Main Saw Blade Speed


Scorning Saw Blade Speed


Saw Carriage Power


Saw Carriage Feed Speed (Max)


Feed Servo Moto


Cutting Speed (Max)


Feed Speed (Max)


Main Blade Inside& Outside Diameter


Scorning Blade Inside & Outside Diameter


Maximum Cutting Thickness


Air Consumption


Vacuum Speed


Gross Weight


Package Size


Industrial Panel Beam Saw Feature

panel saw system

Advance Saw Carriage

Guarantees perfect and chip-free cutting results

table top edge bander

Automatic Feeding

Speed up the cutting process and save human costs.

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Strong Power

Strong power makes machine running steady.

CNC Control System

The "Quick-Set-System" enables you to make rapid adjustments to different materials.

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Saw Carriage Unit.

Saw carriage can slide along polished rollers with exceptional smoothness and accuracy.
To ensure even greater precision, the saw carriage’s height can be adjusted via linear guides.

Powerful Motor.

With their advanced technology and precision engineering, these motors can deliver a smooth and consistent cutting performance. It ensures every cut is made with the highest level of accuracy.

Whether they are working with thick hardwoods, dense laminates, or delicate veneers, this machine can handle it all with exceptional precision and efficiency.

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Roller Track.

Thanks to its robust construction and high-quality materials, the roller track in the panel beam saw is able to support even the heaviest and most cumbersome panels with ease. This ensures that woodworkers can work with a wide range of materials, from small panels to large sheets, without any issues.

Air Flotation Table.

Air flotation table tops play a critical role in making material loading and unloading easier and more efficient.
This cushion of air reduces friction and allows the material to glide easily across the surface of the table.

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Feeding Gripper.

The panel beam saw is equipped with pneumatic holding grippers. It utilizes a powerful system of pneumatic pressure to grip panels with precision and stability. This ensures that panels are held firmly in place during cutting, reducing the risk of errors or inaccuracies and improving the overall quality of the finished product.

Panel Beam Saw Cutting Sample

Panel Beam Saws is a highly versatile woodworking machine that has been specifically designed to handle a wide range of materials, making it the ideal solution for medium and large-sized factories. With its advanced features and capabilities, it can cut solid wood boards, MDF boards, PVC boards, and even aluminum plywood with exceptional precision and accuracy.

solid wood board

Solid Wood Board

MDF Board

MDF Board

PVC Board

PVC Board

Aluminum plywood

Aluminum Plywood Board

Panel Beam Saw for Different Industries

A horizontal panel beam saw is a type of woodworking machine that is specifically designed to cut panels horizontally. Here are some common applications of horizontal panel beam saws:

Furniture Manufacturing

Furniture Manufacturing

Horizontal panel beam saws are ideal for cutting large panels, such as sheets of plywood, MDF, or particleboard, into smaller sizes. This makes them popular in the furniture manufacturing industry, where large panels need to be cut to size for various components.


Flooring Industry

Panel beam saw is used to produce flooring components, including laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, and engineered flooring. Its precision cutting capabilities ensure that the flooring components fit together seamlessly, creating a smooth and uniform surface.

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