Our Services Cover The Entire Lifespan Of Woodworking Machine Usage.

Best Service And Supporting For Your CNC Machine.

You will get the best service and support for your woodworking machine. Our service team and specialist team will give you full support before choose woodworking machine and during the use woodwroking machine to keep the machine working well.

Don't Worry

Service Before Sales.

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24/7 Worldwide Support for Your Woodworking Machine.

Services After Sales.

We provide a unique service, which is appreciated in all corners of the globe. Our international team of specialists will provide you with reliable support for all issues concerning your woodworking machine. We are even available to you 24/7 via a special service hotline offer if required.

Replaceable Woodworking Machine Spares Will Be Shipped To You

Spare Parts.

Despite our woodworking machines being of the highest quality, over time you are likely to experience some wear, due to the constant use of a machine. The best way to use your time and money effectively is to understand your machine as well as possible. Woodworking machine spare parts can be placed into 3 categories: high wear, medium wear and low wear parts.

High Wear Parts

High wear parts are those with a short lifespan which will need replacing most regularly. Due to their demand, you may find these parts have a long lead-time, so make sure to stock up! Buying knock-off parts on a short lead-time are a false economy, as they will not perform as required, and you can find yourself needing to replace them even sooner.

Medium Wear Parts

Medium wear parts have a longer lifespan than high wear, but you still may see them deteriorate and require replacing, so you should keep an eye on these during your routine maintenance.

Low Wear Parts

Low wear parts are those made of the most durable material. It is not guaranteed but it is highly likely that your machine can go its lifetime without needing to replace these parts.

Service From Start

Installation and Start-up.

We commit to promptly addressing any equipment failures with our 12-hour email response time and comprehensive support services for your technical team and operators. Our services include: detailed documentation on installation and operation warnings, video resources for clear installation and commissioning demonstrations, and online consultation for proper equipment operation and maintenance.

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Scheduled Maintenance Enlong Woodworking


Our expert and affordable servicing options are available for all woodworking machinery we sell, no matter your location. To keep costs low, we often schedule annual visits to specific regions where we service multiple customers during one trip. This allows for shared travel expenses and ensures your machinery is maintained by our highly skilled BestIn service engineers.

Remote Diagnostics Are Available From Us

Remote Support.

Our advanced technology and skilled technicians allow us to resolve 75% of cases remotely, eliminating the need for on-site technician visits. 

For more information, please contact us at info@bestingroup.com.

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1-Year Warranty.

Our woodworking machines allow for faster production start-up and optimal performance throughout their service life. All woodworking machines from BestIn come with a one-year warranty, including access to spare parts, troubleshooting, and repairs.