3 Axis CNC Router Machine

3 Axis CNC Router is a type of computer numerical control (CNC) machine that uses three axes of motion to cut and shape materials.

It typically has a cutting tool that is mounted on a movable head or spindle, which can be moved in three different directions (X, Y, and Z) to create a precise and complex three-dimensional shape.

These machines are commonly used in a variety of industries, such as woodworking, metalworking, and plastic fabrication, for tasks such as cutting, drilling, and engraving.

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3 Axis CNC Router Technical Info

  • New Top Grade Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame
  • High Precision HQD 9KW ATC Air Cooling Spindle
  • Perfect Protection Function Fuling Inverter
  • High Precision Stepper Motors And Drivers
  • Strong T-Slot Vacuum Table
  • High Accuracy Taiwan Hiwin
  • Linear Guide For XYZ Axis
  • High Precision Helical Rack And Gear Transmission
  • High Reliability And Smooth Operation Taiwan TBI Ball Screw



























Traveling Positioning Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Max. Rapid Travel Rate



Max. Working Speed




Spindle Power:



Spindle Type

Water-Cooling Spindle

HQD ATC Air Cooling Spindle


0-24,000 RPM

Power Required


Stepper Motor

Yaskawa Servo Motor And Driver

Working Voltage


Machine Specs

Table Type

Vacuum And T-Slot Working Table

Table Size






X, Y Structure

Gear Wheel Transmission

Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings, Rack And Pinion Drive

Z Structure

Shaft Linear Bearings

Ball Screw, Hiwin Rail Linear Bearings

Machine Footprint






Linear Motion

Axis Motion

Ballscrew And Stepper Driver


Precision Linear Guideway



Welded Steel (Included)

Machine Base

Cast Iron




Operating System

Osai / Siemens / Syntec

Command Language

G Code &M Code

Tool Holder




3 Axis CNC Router Highlight Component

1325 CNC Router

Square Steel Integrated Gantry.

It adopts a square steel gantry with a thickness of one centimeter after heat treatment. It makes the machine work smooth and increases excellent accuracy and precision.

HSD Italian Spindle.

It uses high-quality bearings, which gives it longer service life. The bearing has a dust cover, which can effectively isolate dust and make it safer to operate the machine. High-strength power gives CNC router large engraving force, high precision, and long life. It adopts the grinding process, which can improve the concentricity of the motor and prolong the service life.


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Imported Servo Motor.

The imported servo motor enables more precise control and shorter settling times. Each model is equipped with a package of software algorithms that tune automatically, suppress vibration, and compensate for friction and ripple effects.

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw.

Rigidly selected materials, intensive heat treating, and processing techniques, backed by years of experience, have resulted in the most durable ball screws manufactured. The high efficiency of ball screws is vastly superior to conventional screws. The torque required is less than 30%. Linear motion can be easily changed from rotary motion.

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PMI Linear Guideway.

PMI linear guideway was applied to the CNC router machine. The frictional resistance of a linear guideway is only 1/20th to 1/40th of that in a slide guide. With a linear guideway, good lubrication can be easily achieved by supplying grease through the grease nipple on the carriage or utilizing a centralized oil pumping system, thus the frictional resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for long period. Due to the characteristic of low frictional resistance, the required driving force is much lower than in other systems, thus the power consumption is small. Moreover, the temperature rising effect is small even under high-speed operation.

3 Axis CNC Router Application

If you are running a medium-sized workshop or factory and planning to open your business to larger projects, the ACT CNC Router Machine is a good choice among many stylist CNC routers machines. The automatic tool change CNC machine can achieve the goal of changing mills quickly and automatically when the machine can’t need to stop the work. It saves lots of time and lower mistakes for your CNC work. it can ensure you process an abundance of different materials such as: 

Other CNC Router Machine

3 Axis CNC Router Machine Learn And Buy Guide

If you are looking for 3 Axis CNC Router Machines for your woodworking, this article will help you.

Table of Contents

What Is 3 Axis CNC Router Machine

3 Axis CNC Router is a computer-controlled cutting machine. It is capable of moving along three axes (X, Y, and Z) to create intricate shapes and designs in materials such as wood, metal, and plastic.

The 3 axes refer to the movement of the cutting tool along the X, Y, and Z directions, allowing for precise and efficient cutting of complex shapes and designs.

This type of CNC router is commonly used in a variety of industries, including woodworking, metalworking, and prototyping.

Some of the critical features of a 3-axis CNC router include high-speed cutting, precision, and versatility. And it can also create complex and detailed designs with ease.

What Can The 3 Axis CNC Router Do?

3 Axis CNC Router can perform a variety of tasks, including cutting, drilling, and carving materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and foam.

It can create complex shapes and designs with high precision and accuracy.

Its three axes of movement (X, Y, and Z) allow the router to move in multiple directions and create intricate details on the material.

It is commonly used in industries such as woodworking, prototyping, and signage making.

What Is The Difference Between A 3 Axis And A 4-Axis CNC Router?

The 3-axis CNC router has three axes of motion – the x-axis, the y-axis, and the z-axis. It allows the router bit to move in three dimensions.

And the 4-axis CNC router has an additional axis of motion, the a-axis, It allows the router bit to rotate around the x-axis.

This additional axis of motion allows the 4-axis CNC router to create more complex shapes and cuts than a 3-axis CNC router.

What Are The Disadvantages of Using A 3 Axis CNC Router?

Some disadvantages of 3 Axis CNC Router machines include:

  1. High Initial Cost: 3 Axis CNC Router machines can be expensive to purchase, particularly when compared to traditional manual machines.
  2. Limited Flexibility: 3 Axis CNC Router machines are designed to perform a specific set of tasks and are not as flexible as 4 Axis CNC Router or 5 Axis Router Machine, which can be used to create a wider range of products.
  3. Dependence on Computers: 3 Axis CNC Router machines rely on computers to function, which means they are vulnerable to technical problems and can be disrupted if the computer system experiences an issue. This can lead to downtime and lost productivity.
  4. Difficulty in Programming: 3 Axis CNC Router machines require specialized knowledge and skills to program and operate, which can be a barrier for some users.
  5. Limited Precision: While 3 Axis CNC Router machines can be very precise, they are not always capable of achieving the same level of precision as a skilled human operator.

How Thick Of Wood Can A 3D Axis CNC Router Cut?

The thickness of wood that a CNC router can cut depends on the specific model and its capabilities.

In general, most CNC routers can cut wood up to 2-3 inches thick.

Some high-end models may be able to cut thicker wood up to 4-5 inches in thickness.

How Much Is A 3 Axis CNC Machine?

3 Axis CNC Router Machine’s price can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and type of machine, the manufacturer, and the features and capabilities it offers. Generally, it is between USD 2000- USD 15000.

It is best to contact a 3 Axis CNC Router Manufacturer or Supplier to get a quote for a specific model of a 3-axis CNC machine.

Or you can contact us to get a reasonable price based on your request.

How Much Does It Cost To Run A CNC Machine Per Hour?

The cost to run a 3Axis CNC Router machine per hour can vary depending on factors such as the type and size of the machine, the location, and the operating costs (e.g. electricity, labor, consumables).

On average, it can cost anywhere from $20 to $80 per hour to run a CNC machine.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A 3Axis CNC Router?

Before purchasing a CNC router, there are a few key things to consider.

First, you should think about the size and type of materials that you want to be able to work with. This will determine the size and capabilities of the CNC router that you need.

You should also consider the precision and accuracy that you need, as well as the speed at which you want the router to operate.

Additionally, you should think about the type of software that the router uses, as well as its compatibility with other equipment and tools.

It’s also important to consider the overall cost of the CNC router, including any additional accessories or software that you may need.

Where To Buying A 3Axis CNC Router?

Bestin Group is a 3-axis CNC router machine manufacturer. Our machines are used to cut a variety of materials with high precision, making them useful in industries such as woodworking, metalworking, and more.

If you are looking for a 3 Axis CNC router machine, you can contact us, our specialist will give you a reasonable price. Thank you.


3Axis CNC Router machines can be a valuable investment for certain businesses or individuals. It can help you create complex patterns on wooden boards or Acrylic.

It can improve your work efficiency.