EPS/Foam CNC Router Machine

BestIn foam CNC router machines are specifically designed to smoothly and precisely cut 3D shapes out of foam materials, such as polyethylene and polyurethane. CNC foam cutting machines can be used to create packaging, decor elements, props, displays, insulation and much more.

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Foam CNC Router Machine

Technical Info

  • New Top Grade Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame
  • High Precision HQD ATC Air Cooling Spindle
  • Perfect Protection Function Fuling Inverter
  • High Precision Stepper Motors And Drivers
  • Strong T-Slot Vacuum Table
  • High Accuracy Taiwan Hiwin
  • Linear Guide For XYZ Axis
  • High Precision Helical Rack And Gear Transmission
  • High Reliability And Smooth Operation Taiwan TBI Ball Screw


CNC Foam Router

Axis Quantity 

Five (X, Y, Z, A, C)

Simultaneous Axis Quantity

5 Axes

Rtcp Function


5 Axis Head

H – Style, From Italy 

Mechanical Construction

Welded With Steel Tube, Vsr Treatment, Milled By Cnc Machining Center

Working Table

Cast Iron With T-Slots

Workpiece Clamping Way

By T-Slot Fixtures, Or Permanent Magnet Lifter, Or Air-Actuated Fixtures

Control Cabinet 

Independent, Console 

Safeguard Door 


Counter Balance Cylinder

Dual On Z-Axis ( Nitrogen As A Medium )

X-Axis Fast Travel Speed


Y-Axis Fast Travel Speed


Z-Axis Fast Travel Speed


X-Axis Max. Feeding Rate


Y-Axis Max. Feeding Rate


Z-Axis Max. Feeding Rate


X-Axis Stroke 

3-Axis Mill: 3,500mm (11.48′) | 5-Axis Mill: 2,650mm (8.69′)

Y-Axis Stroke

3-Axis Mill: 6,000mm (19.68′) | 5-Axis Mill: 5,050mm (16.56′)

Z-Axis Stroke

3-Axis Mill: 2,200mm (7.21′) | 5-Axis Mill: 1,800mm (5.90′)

X-Axis Machining Size

2,500mm (5-Axis Machining)

Y-Axis Machining Size

5,000mm (5-Axis Machining)

Z-Axis Machining Size

1,800mm (5-Axis Machining)

Position Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


X Motion Drive

Yaskawa Ac Absolute Servo 

Y Motion Drive

Yaskawa Ac Absolute Servo, Dual Drive

Z Motion Drive

Yaskawa Ac Absolute Servo, With Holding Brake 

X-Axis Transmission

Helical Rack & Pinion, Modulus 3.0

Y-Axis Transmission

Helical Rack & Pinion, Modulus 3.0

Z-Axis Transmission

Rolling Ballscrew 40mm, Pitch 10mm

X Reducing Mechanism

Planetary Reduction Gear (Apex)

Y Reducing Mechanism

Planetary Reduction Gear (Apex)

X Linear Guides 

Germany Square Type, 45mm (Or Same Quality Other Brands)  

Y Linear Guides

Germany Square Type, 45mm (Or Same Quality Other Brands)

Z Linear Guides

Germany Square Type, 45mm (Or Same Quality Other Brands)

Electric Spindle 

Italy ATC Spindle 15kw, Water Cooling (Omlat), Hsk63 Tool Holder

Cooling Device 

Chiller, Cw5200

Collet Size


Tool Diameter Range 

3.175 ~ 26mm 


11kw, Fuling Brand 

Numerical System 

Syntec For 5 Axis Cnc Machining (In English)



Communication Command

G Code 

Compatible Software

Artcam, Aspire, Ucancam, Type 3, Jd Paint, Ug, Mastercam

Other Electronics 

Schneider, Omron, Chnt


High Softness Shielding Cables For Whole Machine

Lubrication System

Central Lubricating, Auto Grease Lubrication System

Electronics Protection 

Thermal Relay, Fuses, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, Protection Earth, Overload 

Working Power

Ac380v/50hz, 3ph (Or Made To Order)

Max. Power Consumption


Highlight Component

eps cnc router

Square Steel Integrated Gantry.

It adopts a square steel gantry with a thickness of one centimeter after heat treatment. It makes the machine work smooth and increases excellent accuracy and precision.

HSD Italian Spindle.

It uses high-quality bearings, which gives it longer service life. The bearing has a dust cover, which can effectively isolate dust and make it safer to operate the machine. High-strength power gives CNC router large engraving force, high precision, and long life. It adopts the grinding process, which can improve the concentricity of the motor and prolong the service life.


affordable cnc router
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Imported Servo Motor.

The imported servo motor enables more precise control and shorter settling times. Each model is equipped with a package of software algorithms that tune automatically, suppress vibration, and compensate for friction and ripple effects.

Taiwan TBI Ball Screw.

Rigidly selected materials, intensive heat treating, and processing techniques, backed by years of experience, have resulted in the most durable ball screws manufactured. The high efficiency of ball screws is vastly superior to conventional screws. The torque required is less than 30%. Linear motion can be easily changed from rotary motion.

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PMI Linear Guideway.

PMI linear guideway was applied to the CNC router machine. The frictional resistance of a linear guideway is only 1/20th to 1/40th of that in a slide guide. With a linear guideway, good lubrication can be easily achieved by supplying grease through the grease nipple on the carriage or utilizing a centralized oil pumping system, thus the frictional resistance is decreased and the accuracy could be maintained for long period. Due to the characteristic of low frictional resistance, the required driving force is much lower than in other systems, thus the power consumption is small. Moreover, the temperature rising effect is small even under high-speed operation.


If you are running a medium-sized workshop or factory and planning to open your business to larger projects, the ACT CNC Router Machine is a good choice among many stylist CNC routers machines. The automatic tool change CNC machine can achieve the goal of changing mills quickly and automatically when the machine can’t need to stop the work. It saves lots of time and lower mistakes for your CNC work. it can ensure you process an abundance of different materials such as: 

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