45 Degree Edgebander

45 Degree Edgebander

45 Degree Edgebander is a compact edge banding machine. It’s designed for linear, curved, and 45-degree bevel wood board. The compact body is easy to take and use in on-site woodworking. It is adept at sealing MDF, ecological board, particle board, and other plates.


  • Double-sided Gluing

Achieve uniform gluing and secure bonding for a lasting finish on your woodworking projects.

  • Intelligent Temperature Control

Experience a swift 15-minute extreme temperature rise, allowing the use of low and medium-temperature glue for flexible applications.

  • Stepless Speed Regulation

Tailor the edge sealing speed to your proficiency, enhancing efficiency in your woodworking tasks.

  • Time Memory Function

Set automatic breaking times for consistent batch production, significantly improving overall production efficiency.

  • Versatile Angle Sealing

Perform edge sealing work at various angles, providing flexibility for intricate designs.

  • Automatic Temperature Control

The temperature controller adjusts automatically, ensuring optimal temperature for the edge banding machine and hot melt adhesive.

  • 3 Minutes Preheating

Incorporating a special rubber insulation design, the machine offers increased capacity and shortened preheating time, getting you to work faster.

  • Dual Cylinder Automatic Belt Feeding/Breaking

Equipped with pneumatic belt feeding/breaking, this machine ensures precise and agile operation. The high-quality cylinder cutter boasts strong cutting force and extended service life.

  • Large Operating Surface

The higher and larger countertop conforms to ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

  • Intelligent Single Foot Switch

Featuring an intelligent single-foot switch, the machine prevents disconnection in case of incorrect operation, adding an extra layer of safety.

  • Anti-deviation Wheel

A three-point and one-line design of the anti-deviation wheel assists in belt feeding, preventing deviation, and ensuring accuracy.

  • Oil Water Separator

The machine includes an oil-water separator to enhance machine life.

  • Neat Electrical Distribution Box

The electrical box features organized and clear wiring, providing a glance at the machine’s status.

  • Versatility in Edging Banding

Handles all straight, 45-degree bevel and S curved wood board, making it suitable for various woodworking tasks.

  • Ideal for Handle-Free Doors

Aids in manual finger-pull (handle-free) door making, providing a modern and sleek aesthetic.

  • Simplicity and Integration

Offers simplicity and convenience with highly integrated edging solutions.

  • Quiet Operation

Operates quietly, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful workspace.

  • Space Efficiency

The compact design allows for better space utilization in your workshop.

  • Quick Setup

Single-phase power input facilitates quick and easy setup, getting your project started in no time.


380V/50HZ/ 3PH









Feeding Speed


Total Power


Working Pressure


Edge Band Thickness


Workpiece Shape

Straight and Curved

Edge Band Width


Minimum Dia. for Curved Shape


Panel Thickness


Net Weight


Heating Power


Gross Weight


Conveyor Motor


Machine Dimension


Panel Length


Wooden Case Dimension


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