Curved Edge Banding Machine

Curved Edge Banding Machine-F13-3

Crafted for precision, our curved edge banding machine is your ultimate tool for shaping wood boards into circles, triangles, ovals, and even pentagons. Seamlessly switch between curved and right-angle board edge banding with ease.


  • Precision Shaping
Achieve precise and accurate shaping of wood boards, enhancing the overall quality of your woodworking projects.
  • Enhanced Efficiency
With features like large capacity glue pot and adjustable speed settings, our machine streamlines the edge banding process, saving you time and effort.
  • Versatile Application
From circles to pentagons, our machine handles various wood board shapes with ease, expanding your creative possibilities.
  • Improved Adhesion
The hot air device ensures better adhesion of the edge banding strip, resulting in a more durable and long-lasting finish.
  • Stable Operation
Thanks to features like powerful suction cups and circular folding arm, our machine offers stable and reliable operation, reducing the risk of errors.

  • Flexible Adhesive Options

Easily switch between PUR and EVA adhesives to suit your project needs.

  • Circular Folding Arm

Lightweight yet stable, the circular folding arm ensures precise and stable operation.

  • Versatile Working Directions

With four working directions, meet the edge sealing requirements for various sheet metal specifications.

  • Optional External Adhesive Machine

Perfect for aluminum honeycomb panel edge sealing, offering added versatility to your projects.

  • Large Capacity Glue Pot

Our machine boasts a large capacity glue pot, eliminating the need for frequent glue refills and enhancing work efficiency.

  • Powerful Suction Cups

Equipped with 1400 and 300 suction cups, our machine firmly grips plates to prevent slippage during operation.

  • Smooth Edge Banding

The edge banding belt conveys smoothly, ensuring a flawless application without any deviations.

  • Hot Air Device

Heat from the bottom up with the hot air device improves the adhesion of the edge banding strip before application.

  • Glue Cleaning Device

utomatic spraying of glue-cleaning liquid keeps rollers free from stickiness, ensuring a clean and tidy working environment.

  • Laminating Wheel Adjustment

Easily adjust the laminating wheel according to the width of the edge banding strip, preventing any unwanted movements.

  • Small White Shaft Positioning

Maintain parallel alignment with suction cups and small white axis, facilitating the sealing of small plates.

  • Adjustable Speed

Personalize your workflow with adjustable speed settings, catering to your individual work habits and preferences.

  • Versatile Compatibility

Our machine is suitable for a wide range of panels and edge banding strips, offering endless possibilities for your woodworking projects.



Total Power


Air Pressure


Glue Pot Capacity


Temperature Of Glue Pot


Head Rotation Angle


Width Of Edge Banding


Thickness Of Edge Banding

0.5-3mm(Related to the edge banding material)

Edge Banding Speed





220V/50HZ /Custom

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