Manual Edge Bander

Manual Edge Bander-802

Elevate your woodworking projects with our Manual Edge Bander – a clean and efficient solution designed for ease of use. Featuring an integrated pressure beam and a silica gel conveyor belt, this machine ensures a stable and scratch-free plate, making it an ideal choice for carpenters working on multiple projects.


  • Integrated Pressure Beam and Silica Gel Conveyor Belt

The design ensures cleanliness and tidiness, offering a stable and firm plate that’s gentle on surfaces.

  • Large Capacity Glue Pot

With a spacious glue pot, the machine minimizes the need for frequent glue refills, saving time and effort for carpenters. It allows continuous sealing of multiple plates for convenient operations.

  • Ideal for Small Quantities

Tailored for small-scale projects, this compact and space-saving machine offers an impressive price-performance ratio.

  • Professional Material Fixing Device

Equipped with a pulley material fixing device, preventing the sagging of large plates and ensuring quality edge sealing for professional results.

  • Adjustable Pulley Table Support

The thick and stretchable pulley table support is adjustable, providing effective support for edge-sealed wood in cabinets of all sizes.

  • Stable Edge Sealing

The conveyor belt principle, matched with the auxiliary frame and pressing plate, enhances stability, resulting in a smoother edge-sealing process. The self-propelled design ensures beautiful and natural double-sided gluing.

  • User-Friendly Controls

Featuring a simple control panel, a foot switch, and a pneumatic foot switch, the machine offers easy operation, allowing for efficient belt breaking during different edge-sealing tasks.

  • Fully Automatic Conveyor Belt

The automatic feeding conveyor belt adds to the convenience, streamlining the workflow for carpenters.

  • Generous 4000ml Gluing Pot

A durable 4000ml large capacity gluing pot eliminates the need for frequent glue additions, maximizing work efficiency.

  • Double Row of Pressing Wheels

The double row of pressing wheels enables the sealing of narrow wooden boards with precision.

  • Convenient Adjustments

The handle and calibrated scale provide convenience in adjusting and accounting for board thickness, ensuring accuracy in your woodworking projects.

  • High-Speed 4000W Motor

The powerful motor allows the machine to run at high speed, facilitating efficient polishing up and down, resulting in rounded edges without the risk of cutting hands.

  • Efficiency and Convenience

The machine’s thoughtful design, including a large glue pot and automatic features, makes it a time-saving and efficient tool for carpenters.

  • Versatile Application

Ideal for small-scale projects, this compact machine offers a professional
edge-sealing solution with an impressive price-performance ratio.

  • Stability and Quality

The professional material fixing device, adjustable pulley table support, and stable edge-sealing principles ensure top-notch quality in woodworking projects.

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