Portable Edge Banding Machine

Portable Edge Banding Machine-F50

Upgrade your home decoration projects with our Portable Edge Banding Machine – a handy tool designed for simplicity and efficiency. Weighing just 24kg, it’s easy to carry and perfect for crafting straight or shaped boards like circles and triangles.


  • Lightweight and Portable
With a total weight of 24kg, this machine is effortlessly portable, making it ideal for any home decoration project.

  • Versatile Board Crafting
Seamlessly create straight or shaped boards with ease, using simple shapes such as circles and triangles.

  • Powerful Copper Motor
The machine boasts a high-quality copper motor with a rated power of 1000W, ensuring reliable performance.

  • Quick Glue Heating
The glue heating room warms up in just 5-10 minutes, providing quick and efficient operation.

  • Adjustable Edge Banding Speed
Tailor the machine to your needs with an adjustable edge banding speed ranging from 2-6m/min.

  • Generous Glue Capacity
Featuring a 1000ml thick pot to prevent glue leakage, ensuring a long and reliable lifespan.

  • Automatic Double-Sided Gluing
Equipped with a micro switch for automatic double-sided gluing and a self-locking footswitch for easy cutting of edge strips.

  • Versatile Edge Sealing
The footswitch allows for the automatic sealing of straight edges, curved edges, and irregular edges, boosting work efficiency.

  • Professional Material Fixing Device
The machine is equipped with a pulley material fixing device, preventing sagging of large plates and ensuring quality edge sealing.

  • Effortless Portability
Take your crafting projects anywhere with ease, thanks to the lightweight and portable design.

  • Versatile Crafting Options
From straight lines to creative shapes, the machine accommodates various crafting preferences.

  • Reliable Performance
The high-quality copper motor ensures dependable and efficient operation, meeting your crafting needs.

  • Quick and Efficient Operation
With quick glue heating and adjustable speed, the machine streamlines your projects for maximum efficiency.

  • User-Friendly Controls
The microswitch and footswitch provide easy and intuitive control, enhancing overall work efficiency.


220v 50hz






Total Power


Heating Time


Air Source Pressure


Edge Strip Width


Glue Pot Volume


Edge Strip Thickness


Edge Speed






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