Automatic Curved Edge Banding Machine

Automatic Curved Edge Banding Machine-700-3

Upgrade your woodworking game with our Automatic Curved Edge Banding Machine – a versatile
solution designed for precision and efficiency. Comprising an edge banding unit
and a trimming unit, this machine is tailor-made for curved wood boards.


  • Ideal for Curved Shapes

Especially suitable for round, oval, and rounded rectangle shapes, providing versatility
in your woodworking projects.

  • Rotatable LCD

The LCD is rotatable for easy operation, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

  • Advanced Gluing System

Our automatic curved edge banding machine is equipped with an upper glue pot, boasting a 2600ml capacity. It supports both PUR and EVA, featuring an insulation function that shortens heating time. One-click
glue discharge facilitates easy glue change.

  • Higher Machine Head

An upgraded machine head allows the selection of wider sealing strips, providing
flexibility in your projects.

  • Combined Banding and Trimming

This automatic curved edge banding machine seamlessly combines edge banding and trimming in one, simplifying operations, especially for larger boards.


  • Automatic Feeding for Curves

Ideal for round, oval, and rounded rectangle boards, the machine offers automatic feeding for efficient processing.

  • Laser Ranging for Precision

The laser ranging feature ensures precise docking with an error of ±0.3mm, eliminating the need for manual cut strip adjustments.

  • Dual Glue Options with Easy Discharge

The machine supports both PUR and EVA glues, with a convenient one-click discharge feature for quick and hassle-free glue changes.

  • Servo Motor for Stability

Featuring a servo motor for fast action response and low noise, the machine ensures stability during operations.

  • High-Speed Feeding

With a feeding speed ranging from 0 to 30cm/s, the machine delivers high work efficiency for your projects.

  • Efficient Cleaning Mechanism

The machine comes equipped with four automatic cleaning devices that spray cleaning liquid. Adjustable spray and intermittent times enhance the cleaning process.

  • Expanded Glue Pot Capacity

The glue pot now holds 2600ml, reducing the need for frequent glue additions. The heat preservation function minimizes waiting time for heating with just one click.

  • Intuitive Touch Screen

The touch screen can store 20 kinds of sheet data, streamlining the use of sheet data and significantly improving work efficiency.

  • Pressure-Retaining Air Storage Tank

The adoption of a 2L pressure-retaining air storage tank ensures the normal operation of pneumatic components in unstable external air pressure conditions.

  • Enhanced Bonding with Heating Device

A single heating device enhances the bonding between strips and the board, ensuring a firm connection.

  • User-Friendly Foot Switches

Both the edge banding unit and the trimming unit come with foot switches, offering a simple and convenient operational experience.












Air Pressure


Glue Pot Temperature


Head Rotation Angle


Trimming Speed


Diameter of External Dust Collector



Total Power


Glue Pot Capacity


Type of Hot Melt Adhesives


Edge Strip Width


Edge Strip Thickness



Boards Thickness for Trimming

<14mm single-sided trimming; 14-70mm double-sided trimming


Inner Arc Radius



Gas Tank Volume


Banding Speed


Applicable Edge Strip Material

PVC/Plastic/Melamine/Veneer (need to be customized)

Packing Dimension

1870*1400*1530 (L*W*H mm)

Packing Weight



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