Small Edge Banding Machine

Small Edge Banding Machine-F10

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of our Small Edge Banding Machine, meticulously designed for the family wood workshop. This compact powerhouse effortlessly handles edge bands working for both straight and shaped boards, ensuring fast sealing and smooth operations.


  • Secure Edge Banding

Experience secure edge banding with four layers of pressure tape and double-sided adhesive coating, preventing any unwanted detachment.

  • Flexible Speed Control

Enjoy step-less speed regulation and automatic belt breaking, ensuring flexible and adaptable usage for various woodworking needs.

  • Intelligent Temperature Control

Benefit from intelligent temperature control, ensuring precision and convenience while preventing incorrect operation for a seamless user experience.

  • Exquisite Craftsmanship

Dual cylinders and a customized cutting blade provide exquisite craftsmanship, delivering a superior edge banding experience.

  • Durable Copper Motor

The pure copper motor, paired with selected original accessories, guarantees durability and longevity for prolonged usage.

  • Compact Structure Design

The machine features a compact structure design, ensuring easy handling and maneuverability in any workshop setting.

  • Generous Glue Pot

With a substantial 2800ml glue pot, you have ample volume for extended woodworking sessions without frequent refills.

  • Powerful Motor

Boasting a powerful 3800W pure copper motor, this machine ensures robust performance for a variety of edge banding tasks.

  • Versatile Edge Banding

Designed for family wood workshops, this handheld machine seamlessly handles edge banding for both straight and shaped boards, ensuring versatility in your woodworking projects.

  • User-Friendly Operation

Experience smooth and convenient operations with features like step-less speed regulation, automatic belt breaking, and intelligent temperature control, enhancing your woodworking efficiency.

  • Long-Lasting Performance

The pure copper motor and selected original accessories guarantee a longer lifespan, ensuring the machine stands the test of time in your workshop.

  • Ample Glue Capacity

The 2800ml glue pot provides a generous volume, allowing you to focus on your woodworking tasks without frequent interruptions for refilling.

  • Compact and Maneuverable

The compact structure design ensures easy handling, making this handheld edge banding machine a practical and essential tool in any wood workshop.


220V, 50HZ







Heating Power


Rated Power


Glue Volume


Air Source Pressure


Edge Strip Width


Edge Strip Thickness


Edge Speed


Package Size


Edge Material Type

PVC, Veneer, Melamine

Package Weight


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