Contour Edge Bander

Contour Edge Bander F14-3

Our contour edge bander is not just a machine; it’s a precision tool designed to bring your woodworking vision to life. It offered unmatched accuracy and efficiency in every curve wood board!


  • Stacked Arm Length of 207cm

The extended stacked arm, spanning 207cm, ensures versatility in handling various-sized boards with ease.

  • Laser Butt Joints with ± 0.3mm Docking Error

Utilizing laser butt joints, our contour edge bander achieves unparalleled precision with a docking error of just ± 0.3mm. Say goodbye to secondary manual adjustments.

  • Rotatable Edge Banding Unit Assembly

The edge banding unit can smoothly rotate 120°, offering enhanced compatibility for different plate shapes and sizes.

  • Suitable for a Variety of Sheet Sizes and Shapes

Versatility is at the core of our contour edge bander, making it suitable for a wide range of sheet sizes and shapes.

  • Seals up to 1.2*1.8m L-Shape Plates

Tackle L-shape plates effortlessly with our contour edge bander, delivering precision and efficiency in every seal.

  • Circular Diameter of 3m

The machine’s circular movement spans a diameter of 3m, ensuring comprehensive coverage for curved projects.

  • Small Platform as a Standard Accessory

Included as a standard accessory, the small platform facilitates easy edging for smaller panels, adding convenience to your workflow.

  • Laser Band Breaking

Incorporating infrared laser induction, the automatic belt breaking ensures precise head-to-tail docking with an impressive accuracy of ±0.3mm.

  • Hot Air System

The hot air system aids in heating the edge banding strip, enhancing its flexibility and improving adhesion to the board.

  • Rotatable Edge Banding Unit (120°)

Increase plate compatibility with a rotatable edge banding unit that can be adjusted up to 120°. The touch screen control panel stores 20 sets of data for efficient batch production.

  • Glue Clearing Device

Two automatic cleaning devices spray glue remover, preventing glue residue on the laminating wheel and pressure plate.

  • Adaptive Speed

Enjoy automatic acceleration and deceleration, ensuring seamless operation with improved efficiency. Automatic adjustments when turning and going straight prevent mistakes and optimize work processes.

  • Stacked Arm Design (Total Length 225cm)

The innovative circular stacked arm design, with a total length of 225cm, enhances load-bearing strength, making operations lighter and more flexible.


Contour Edge Bander Machine


220V/50HZ/1phasecan be customized

Air pressure


Total power


Glue type


Glue pot capacity


Glue pot temperature


Strip thickness




Strip width




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