Hand Held Edge Banding Machine

Hand Held Edge Banding Machine

Enhance your edge banding capabilities with our Hand Held Edge Banding Machine. It is an ideal machine designed for simple and efficient edge banding working. This compact machine works seamlessly with various materials like wood, PVC, ABS, acrylic, MDF, and more. Whether it’s straight edges, curves, outer arcs, inner arcs, or right angles, this machine handles it all (arc radius ≥ 20mm).


  • Easy To Hold

The handheld edge banding machine weighs 10 kg, making it effortless and comfortable to hold to suit different edge banding working.

  • Material Versatility

Work with a variety of materials, including wood, PVC, ABS, acrylic, MDF, and more, accommodating different shapes effortlessly.

  • Adjustable Edge Banding Height and Thickness

Enjoy flexibility with an edge banding height of 7-60mm and thickness ranging from 0.3-3mm, catering to diverse project requirements.

  • Straight Edge Sealing

The Straight Edge Bander offers adjustable sealing speed (5-10m/min) and a generous glue capacity of up to 1000ml, ensuring precise and efficient results.

  • Digital Display and Touch Panel

Designed with a digital display for pre-set and real-time temperature monitoring, coupled with a touch panel for easy operation during the banding process.

  • Temperature Recommendations

Achieve optimal results with recommended temperatures of 220-230℃ for high-temperature glue and 150-170℃ for medium and low-temperature glue.

  • Versatile Applications

Seal edges of different shapes with ease – straight, curved, outer arcs, inner arcs, and circumferences, without limitations on frame length.

  • Portability and Convenience

This Hand Held Edge Banding Machine is compact and lightweight, offering the freedom to carry it or use it on a desktop. Operate anytime, anywhere, without constraints.

  • Advanced Heating System

Upgrade to a robust heating system for stronger edge sealing, ensuring durability and precision in your projects.

  • Adjustable Parameters

Tailor the machine to your needs with adjustable parameters, including edge sealing speed, bandwidth (16-40mm), double-side gluing, heating time (5-10 minutes), and a rubber pot capacity of 1000ml.

  • Wide Range of Applications

Suitable for various plates and edge strips, such as ABS, PVC, particle board, melamine board, fine wood board, MDF, integrated board, acrylic board, etc.









Heating Time


Rated Power


Glue Volume


Edge Height


Edge Speed



Working Time






Speed Model

Stepless Speed Regulation

Edge Type

Straight, Curve

Gluing Type

Double-sided gluing

Belt Breaking Type


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