Edge Banding Machine Return Conveyor

Edge Banding Machine Return Conveyor BHX-16

Our Edge Banding Machine Conveyor is a standalone system that can be independently connected to any edge bander regardless of the brand. The throughput speed can be continuously adjusted to match the edge bander speed.

This machine reduces the man power required to operate most Edgebanders. The system runs independently of the Edgebander and does not require integrated wiring.

It automatically goes up and down with the photocells according to the thickness of parts. It doesn’t need to bend or stand up when loading the parts piece by piece. Due to work safety and safety regulations, the difficulties in edge banding have been removed with this machine, which does not bother the operator, increases work efficiency and improves the quality of the parts.

Thanks to a strong structure consisting of steel plates, sheet metal and belt conveyor structure, both products move safety and the risk of scratching is reduced.

Since it synchronizes with the edge banding machine it is also possible to adjust the moving speed. Depending on the part width and length, the speed of rolls or the movement of the band can be accelerated or slowed down.


  • Cost Efficiency and Enhanced Productivity

Our PVC Belt Type Returning Conveyor Line is your pathway to reduced production costs and heightened efficiency. Experience a significant boost in your bottom line while achieving more output.

  •  Connect with Any Brand

Enjoy unparalleled versatility as our Edge Banding Conveyor effortlessly connects to edge banders of any brand. Achieve seamless compatibility without limitations.

  •  Enhanced Work Safety and Compliance

We prioritize work safety and adherence to regulations. Our machine removes the difficulties often associated with edge banding, ensuring operator comfort, boosting work efficiency, and elevating part quality.

  • Robust, Scratch-Reducing Structure

Constructed with a strong foundation of steel plates, sheet metal, and a belt conveyor structure, our system guarantees the safe movement of your products while minimizing the risk of scratches or damage.

  •  Adjustable Speed for Precision Control

Achieve precise control by synchronizing the conveyor’s speed with your edge banding machine. Adapt to different part widths and lengths easily by accelerating or slowing down the rolls or band movement as needed.

  • Time-Saving and User-Friendly

Our PVC Belt Type Returning Conveyor Line simplifies your edge banding process, saving you time and effort.

  •  Individual Speed Control

Each conveyor boasts its own individual speed controller, allowing you to maximize work speed for different edge banding workpiece volumes.

  •  Versatile Speed Settings

Adapt to varying workpiece sizes effortlessly with the ability to operate at various speeds.

  • Optimize Efficiency and Quality

 Maximize work efficiency, reduce labor costs, and elevate part quality with our PVC Belt Type Returning Conveyor Line.

  • Elevate Your Edge Banding Efficiency
Upgrade your edge banding process with a reliable, adaptable, and efficient solution. Our PVC Belt Type Returning Conveyor Line empowers you to achieve superior results effortlessly.

Invest in the future of your edge banding operations with our PVC Belt Type Returning Conveyor Line today.



Min Panel Size


Max Panel Size


Panel Thickness


Conveying Speed

12-30 Meters/Min

Frequency Converter

Taiwan Delta

Power Supply (Voltage And Frequency)

3 Phase, 380V, 50Hz, 3.4KW

Edge Banding Machine Length


Edge Banding Machine Working Height


  • Part 1——Belt Conveyor



Belt Character

PVC Belt

Belt Thickness


  • Part 2——Belt Conveyor



Belt Character

PVC Belt

Belt Thickness


  • Part 3——Belt Conveyor



Belt Character

PVC Belt

Belt Thickness



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